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The Whisperings Free Stream:
Common Questions and Answers...

Let's be frank...

We don't have much in the way of "frequenty asked questions" for the free stream, because it pretty much just works and we hardly ever (and I mean, ever) receive any support questions about it. But... if we *do* get a question, it tends to be one of the following:

The Sound Skips/Buffers/Starts & Stops While Listening
What is the Free Stream Play URL for Third-Party Music Players?
Other Problems

The Sound Skips, Buffers, Starts and Stops While Listening...

In this day of high speed connections, this is an exceptionally rare condition for our free stream anymore. But... if you're experiencing an issue with buffering, it means there is insufficient bandwidth between you an us to stream our broadcast (or, if you are connecting via mobile over a slow 3G (or worse) connection - that would cause this). Bottom line, the network is congested so the stream tries to play, but it stops and has to wait until more bandwidth (or the network) becomes available (thus the starting/stopping/skipping/buffering). Now, the problem may be available on your local network or, possibly, a server somewhere between you and us. Between you and our server there are dozens of internet hops, and the problem could be anywhere along the way. As our free stream is already streaming a very low bit rate, which doesn't require a whole lot of bandwidth, if you experience this problem, the only thing you can really do is wait and try again later when you have a better connection.

What is the Free Stream Play URL for Third-Party Music Players

Just point your third-party music player, Internet Radio or other device to https://pianosolo.streamguys1.com/live to tune in. Note, in the event your player has trouble with the secure https feed, there is a non-secure feed you can try, located at http://pianosolo.streamguys.net/live .

Any Other Problems...

Contact Support at support@solopianoradio.com.