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To log in, click the play button below for the stream you prefer. Once you do, your default media player should start up automatically and prompt you for your login credentials:

(Windows Media Stream) play now | help  
This stream will open with Windows Media Player by default.
The stream URL is

(MP3 Stream) play now | help 
This stream will open with your default MP3 player, but will work with virtually any player including iTunes, Windows Media Player, WinAmp and RealPlayer.
The stream URL is http://onyxweb.streamguys.com/pianosolo.m3u

If your preferred media player does not start automatically when you click on the play button above, please follow the instructions for your preferred player below: 

Windows Media Player
Other Players
What's my username and password?

Log in Direct from Your Favorite Media Player...
Directions for logging into PureStream direct from iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Player and WinAmp are below. For other devices, see our FAQ.

How to Login Directly From iTunes...

1) Start up iTunes, go to the Advanced/Open Stream menu. For a keyboard short cut just do COMMAND+U on the Mac or CTRL+U on the PC. That will take you right to the Open Stream prompt.
2) When prompted for the stream URL, insert
http://onyxweb.streamguys.com/pianosolo.m3u and click on OK. Make sure you don't have any trailing spaces on that URL link.
3) You should then be prompted for your username and password. Enter that and you're in.

rom that point on, you should see "Whisperings PureStream: Solo Piano Radio" bookmarked in your main iTunes library. To see this, click on "Library" on the left side of the iTunes screen, and then "Music" under that. In the main window to the right, you'll see your library. Make sure you set your View to "List" mode as it makes it easier to see all your bookmarks. You should see "Whisperings PureStream: Solo Piano Radio" listed there.

If you *don't* see a bookmark for it, go to the File/Add File to Library... menu in iTunes. On the browse dialog box that comes up, insert the stream URL and then click on "Open." The link will show up in your Library as "secure." Once you click on that and log in, the link should be automatically renamed "Whisperings PureStream: Solo Piano Radio"

How to Login Directly From Windows Media Player...
1) Start up Windows Media Player, then to the File/Open URL menu.
2) Insert the following URL:
http://onyxweb.streamguys.com/pianosolo.asx . Make sure you don't have any trailing spaces on that URL link. 
3) Click on OK and you should be prompted for your login information.
4) WMP may also ask you if you want to "display the embedded content." Say yes, as that's the HTML for the playlist so you can see what's playing.

To bookmark the URL permanently in Windows Media Player, while the stream is playing, go to the "File/Add to Library" menu, then select "Add Currently Playing Playlist." You'll be prompted for where to save the "playlist". Save it as "Whisperings PureStream." Now if you go to your Library tab and look under "My Playlists" you'll see Whisperings PureStream listed. Click on that to tune in.
You should be good to go at that point.

Other Players...
For WinAmp, go to the "File/Play URL" menu, insert the following URL:
You should then be prompted for your login.

For RealPlayer, go to the "File/Open" menu, insert the following URL:

You should then be prompted for your login.

Need help with other devices, such as the Roku Soundbridge, Squeezebox, Sonos or anything else? You'll need a special URL for those. See our FAQ for info on those. 

If you do not not know your login username or password...
1) if you just signed up using a credit card (not PayPal), we have to manually set up your account. Please allow us some time to do that. We'll email the login info to you shortly. Usually within a few hours, and always withing 24 hours.
2) If you signed up via PayPal, you should have automatically received an email containing your login information. If you didn't receive one, a spam filter probably got it. email David at dnevue@rainmusic.com and he'll resend it to you. Be sure to include a phone number with your message in case spam filters are preventing our emails from getting to you.

If you have any questions about this or anything else for that matter, just email David at dnevue@rainmusic.com.

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